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Todays Finds, my largest nugget, 12.75 grams


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I had found several bits of wire, a few nails and bullets before the GPX 5000 gave a solid signal that I thought was another square headed nail. The .4 oz nugget was found about 6 inches deep, embedded in crumbly bedrock. The dink was found about 8 feet up the wash, again in the bedrock, about 4 inches down.

I had studied the goggle satelite views of the area around my private claim, and decided to hunt this spot (off my claim, but unclaimed) due to the similarity of features to the patch I'd been working. (ground and vegetation coloration, wide benches, eposed areas of bedrock, et cetera),

I was using an 8" Commander coil (gets between the rocks and brush better) but today I will also pack in my 11" Commander and see if a little more depth can help find another nugget or two.

I'm also taking a shovel and hoe to remove some sandy overburden from the wash. I intend on concentrating in the area between the two finds and a little on either side. I'll bring back a couple buckets of near bedrock gravel to sample for flakes and fines, but on my claim (about a mile away) I've found it's either nuggets or nothing. The few local people I've been able to share this find with have stated that a nugget of this size is rather uncommon for this area of the Bradshaws. I'm sure it will be a hit at tonights GPAA, Prescott Valley meeting.

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MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM how sweet it is--gold miners make the bedrock in more forms than just dredging. I dig all targets as you just illustrated as soo ez to be mistaken-tons a au 2 u 2 -John

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