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Quick day hunt at Gold Basin 16Jan2012

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Howdy Folks,

Met up wit Dolan Dave today and did a quick GB hunt. The wind a bit on the bothersome side, with gusts upwards to 40 mi. at least. Anyone who has owned a GP3500 and has had false signals due to wind can feel my pain today. Every time the wind blows the detector goes and gives a false signal. Plus, it seemed I was getting much more interference than usual, I'm thinking again due to the wind but not sure. Even the radio I had was getting interference. We walked quite a bit and we hit some old areas and try to find some new ones, with not too much luck in the new areas.

Overall, we both came home with meteorites, but I'll let Dave mention his. My biggest for this trip was a whopping 370.6 grams. And I found 109 grams in other pieces, for a total of 479.6 grams.




Happy Hunting, and until next time, Keep looking down....


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Aloha guys,

Nice finds for Gold Basin but then again we are talking about Dave and Jason! You guys rock at Gold Basin for sure.

Got my GMT repaired from my last trip to Franconia and also go me a camera setup that I need to see how well it works on my next hunt.

Aloha and stay safe.

Stan aka Kaimi

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All, the winds were killer, but it made a nice day.

Stan, that's good and bad to hear... :hahaha:

Bill, long time no hear. But I know it's the season for hunting, hope everything is going well.

Frank, now if I can just follow you from now on. That is a nice nugget....WOW :tisk-tisk:

Jason, I believe I "nicked" the thing when I was digging it out. It was down about 8" or so.

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Howdy Folks!!! Jason got the finds of the day.... :wubu: Jason, I also found out the name of that mine, its the Owens Mine. I believe it might still be active, maybe someone here can chime in to its status??? Here is a pic of my GB meteorites.


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Jason and Dave, Man you two have some good duo karma going on!! Great finds, agian ... and Jason a 370 grammer this time, looks like it's got a great fusion crust!!! Every time you go out to GB you gether a bigger specimen then the last time, edging up on a kilo?!! Good Hunting !!! Clifton

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