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I discovered this image while looking at pictures of old ( vintage) friends, places & adventures of times past, That old (vintage) Silver Streak was a true friend that served us fatefully & kept us safe down some long rough tracks to some lonely strange places, Gold is where you find it, The old timers whisper on the wind.

I have a friend that any thing he ones that is old & wore out is a vintage trailer, vintage truck, or what ever & can convince you it has a lot of experience, & you are darn lucky to get it. We paid $3,000 for it & it really had a lot of experience & was a true vintage trailer when we sold it for what we paid for it.


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Hi Chuck,

Is that the trailer that lost its awning to the Rye Patch winds?

I bet that awning part is still out there somewhere...

Here is a couple photos to show your old stomping grounds. The first is easy. The old drywash machine.

The 6.33 ounce slug was under a road I bet you rode over more than a hundred times. I know I did, and missed it every time, because someone had scattered small pieces of copper that drove our machines crazy. Took one determined guy to sort it all out. Not my find, sadly...

Wish you were out there again!




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No, the awning came off the Château, Useless darn thing,( awning) Keep it simple, more time for the gold, The step & leveling jack was off the Silver Streak, Bryan (RIP) had a use for them & took them, Money was kind of scares for him at that time, but you would never know it to see him in a hardware store, he was going to Connor the crow dad market by harvesting them from the Humboldt River, he bought enough junk to build a house, he built the most elaborate crawdad trap I have ever seen, it was a peace of work, The Crawdads didn't take to it thou & another dream hit a snag. That didn't detour Bryan, for he had another project in the works.

When I was a boy we would rake them up on the bank with our feet.

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