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The 13th annual “Meteorite Men” Birthday Bash - Don't miss it!

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Hi all,

The Tucson Gem show will be here very soon and so I thought it’s time to announce a few things.

Michael Blood just posted that due to me having a full plate this year I will NOT be streaming the Blood Auction live. I apologize to those of you that enjoyed it last year but I’ll be very busy as this will be the first year for me to be selling (Room 234 - Hotel Tucson City Center) and so I just can’t swing it.

However, I will be streaming – assuming we have no technical difficulties – The “Meteorite Men” Birthday Bash!

LIVE on Friday, February 3, 2012 at 5 P.M.


The Onyx Room

106 West Drachman Street

Tucson, Arizona 85705

Click here to see where to watch from:


I’ll be testing the Steaming Video from my Hotel Room on Wed. Jan, 25th so that everyone can log in or register so that we can chat live!

Geoff Notkin, Jim Wooddell, and I will get together a week or so head of time and check out the new venue to make sure all is ok for the live feed. But as of right now, we’re committed!

Geoff says,

“Much as we liked Sky Bar, the venue is just too small for us now, and parking was a beast. The Onyx Room has a large free parking lot in the rear, and there is plenty of free on-street parking all around. This is a big space, reminiscent of a New Orleans jazz club. There is great Southern cooking and a full bar with drink specials. Gem show veterans will recognize the space, as it is almost directly across from the old Executive Inn. This venue is only about a five-minute taxi ride from the Tucson Hotel City Center/InnSuites, so is as convenient as could be.

The Onyx Room also has a small stage and good P.A. system, so you'll actually be able tohear the Harvey Awards this year : ) A D.J. will spin music later in the evening and we are looking at the possibility of flying my old guitarist in from New York so my rock band can do an unplugged set, following the Harveys. In other words, it's going to be the best birthday bash ever. Our friend Ruben Garcia is planning on presenting a live vidcast direct from the party for those of you who cannot make it in person.

Everyone is welcome! Please don't think you have to know us personally to be warmly invited. If it's your first time in Tucson, or you don't have friends here -- you do now.”

See ya there!

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