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Newbie in Idaho


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Hello guys,

Wanted to introduce myself. Been reading over the posts here for quite some time, but haven't chimed in. I have been detecting a couple of years, finally found a couple of pickers with my 4500 last year at Rye Patch. Since Idaho is pretty well closed up nowadays, seems like the bug is pulling pretty strong in your direction, particularly after reading macgyver51's post. Gives me high hopes for us beginners...great finds.

Hoping to link up with someone from this area to partner around with and head down that way over the next couple of months to try my luck.

Looking forward to meeting you all and learning better how to set up the 4500 so maybe some of the goodies I see on the site flows in my direction, or at least have a good time.

Later, 4whlgary

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Well, Gary, let me be the first to welcome you out of the lurker closet.

As you've seen, it's a great group of folks here with a lot of varied interests (outside the common bond) and tons of great info.

Lookin forward to having you try your skills in AZ.

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Welcome to the forum (posting side) and you should try to make the outing in March. Joining a club or having a claim is about the only way to find a place to hunt down here these days as well as today's gold prices have folks claiming up much of the gold bearing land in the Southwest....

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Hello Gentlemen,

Thanks much for the welcome. Looking forward to getting down there, and couldbe much sooner than I thought. Will check out the local clubs on the web and will probably go ahead and join as soon as I have firmed up my plans. I am a member of the Idaho GPAA already, Hope to run into some of you soon.

later, 4whlgary (Idahogary)

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Where you at in ID ? You detect only ? Welcome to the forum.

Whats wrong with ID gold, still lots of it there. Yea I know about

the cold and the snow, so what else is stoping you ? Ever try the

Bitterroots ? I know there's lot's of claims but there's still a lot of

open ground to.

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Hello IDdesertman and xt18000.

I am in Boise. So far only detect (xtrerra 705 and 4500) but like to be active, so willing to hook up and try most anything. Really haven't spent alot of time in Idaho looking around. Kind of lost my partner....got a real job, so I'm looking to hook up with active guys and because of the weather here, thought it would be nice to see what is behind all those yellow finds in AZ.

Feel free to send an email to daileyg@ymail.com if your interested or want to chat...include phone no. and I'll call you.

Thanks later, 4whlgary


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