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If you can help me in anyway that would be great...I have been doing a lot of research about gold, but however I havent been able to find a video on the right way to set up a sluice...everyones ideas seem to be different. Thanks

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I have one other question...Say you go through a 1/4 of a bucket of material through a sluice box....can you leave the material in the sluice box for a while to get the gold more concentrated or would your gold just go down stream? I guess what i am trying to get to is it ok to try to get rid of much dirt as possible? and if not how much should you try to have when you go to pan?

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I like portable and I've got a couple of sluices and don't really find one to be any better than the other its just a matter of how much room I have or how far I have to carry it that makes me use one over the other as well as a few other small variables...I might try this one someday for fun...hey its portable!! Looks kinda like the floormat in my truck...and its capitalism at its finest!!!

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The A-51 is a good sluice and I wouldn't hesitant to recommend it.

There're many good sluices on the market, what sluice you buy would be determined by the conditions/flow and the gold of the area/s you would be doing most of your prospecting in, some sluices need more water flow than others, some need less flow, some are better for fine gold than others.

You may want to check out some of the drop riffle sluices on the market, these types of sluices are made of plastic, but don't let that brother you, they are tough and not very likely to crack or break, the Le Trap is the first plastic sluice and is still a great choice but needs medium to fast water and a little bit more flexiable than most would like, the MacKirk sluices are very tough and there're many to choose from, fast to slow water, small or large, and varying price range, MacKirk has a great selection for any need, there's also the California Sluice boxes, I don't as much about these but many like them, little less pricey compared to the Le Trap and Mackirk sluices, but also a little more flexible than what I would want.


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