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Cleaning up Arizona 1 piece at a time

Allen in MT

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I coulda used some of those fasteners their still in good shape.

Remember the story of the guy in GV who was stopped by a forest ranger and fined for a couple of old nails-I'm just saying look out for the wacko's :yikes: Oh wait Frank sorry I forgot your are a cabo wabo wacko :nutty: Mike C... :ph34r2:

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I was beeping one day and got a signal. I grabbed my pick and the head came off the handle. :yikes: The pin holding it on had fallen out. :*&$*(: I started digging the target with just the pick head and the target turned out to be a nail that was just the right size. :idea: I grabbed a rock and drove the nail through the holes in the head and handle and then used the rock to bend the nail over.

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Don ... All the way down the thread I was thinking Allen's Second Hand Hardware Emporium ... but you beat me to the theme! :) Shows how like warped minds stink ... I mean think ... alike! :) :) :)

Mike F

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