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Hello to all.My name is Jarid I live in Citrus Heights CA,and since I cant use my dredge anymore I decided to try detecting. I have a whites MXT pro,whites GMT and I am planning on adding the Garrett infinium very soon. I would love to find others in the area to learn with/from.I have a claim in the Paradise area to try out but it always seems like the grass is greener somewhere else.

What do you think about the infinium? any input appreciated.


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hey, Jarid...I don't have any direct experience with the Infinium but there have been others that used it...there is no reason that it won't work but perhaps not up to the Minelab 5000 standard. If you want to use it underwater and/or at the beach it is a good choice...

You have a gmt, that will certainly find nuggets of any size.

...many long years ago, when I lived on hwy 70 in Portola, I knew some paradise boys that claimed to have found much gold in that area...and you may find some diamonds if you keep your eyes open...

good luck


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Thanks for the response guys.Hey digger Bob what machine do you reccomend for that area pulse or VLF?I would love the chance to learn all I can from experienced nugget hunters.Thanks Jarid

Well, it depends on the size of gold and the mineralization. I've used both up here but for the most part I like the pulse better. I use the TDI SL mostly for general prospecting but small bedrock areas are sometimes better for a VLF. Don't know what kind of claim you have, but if it's hardrock tailings then a VLF is better. General hunting of hillsides, banks, and pits for placer nuggets is better with the pulse machine. You do not have to worry about the ground or hot rocks causing false signals.

Digger Bob

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Thanks Bob I am dealing with serpentine at the end of dean road. what do you know about serpentine?

I know right where that is. Serpentine is like butter to my TDI. Balances out easily and rarely have to touch it again. I can't get the loop within a foot of it with my Goldmaster even with the gain turned all the way down. Watch the little video I did and you can see it working in pure Serpentine. A Minelab GP would do the same thing, as far as ignoring it. I would assume the Garrett would too being a pulse machine, but have never used one.



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Thanks again Bob have you ever had any luck with your pulse machine in that area? Is there gold to be found?

I've not hunted the Dean Rd area with any luck but I have in the Whiskey Flats/Jordon Hill area, just upstream, as well as several other spots in the general area. This is the West Branch of the Feather River. Millions of $ in gold have been taken out of this area including the largest placer nugget ever found in the continental US, the famous "Dogtown Nugget", 54 lbs, in the late 1800's.

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