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Help me identify

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I hope u can identify them by the photos only cuz i dont remember where i found them. It was long time ago.

Can u tell me what are this crystals and whats that in the middle of the rock ?


And this i think its quartz but on the next picture u will see that on the other side this mineral got metalic shine.



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If you think you have calcite, you can do a simple test. Get some vinegar and put a few drops on the specimen. It will start to slowly bubble. It will not be a vigorous bubbling and it might take a few minutes before it starts.

Gypsum can be scratched with a fingernail.


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The first one is an agate and perhaps the second one is also. Third one resembles rhyolite. The fourth one I don't have a clue other then I think it's metamorphic. Fifth, sixth and perhaps even the eighth one are jaspers. Seventh one could be flint. These are just my opinions only. As always- sometimes it's hard to identify from pictures...


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Thanks a lot for the help Steve.

Can u help me identify this 3 too :


think its agate.


jasper again ?


and this i think its moss agate but not sure (this rock is quite big around 2 kilograms i need to cut it in half to see whats in there exactly)

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The top photo is an agate but it looks very similar to the interior of some thundereggs. Notice the striations.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:ThundereggOR.jpg http://www.spiritrockshop.com/Thundereggs_Oregon.html

Second could be a jasper of some type or maybe olivene,serpentine or perhaps even epidote. Really hard to tell on this one.

The last one could be moss agate but would need to cut into it like you said. All of them are interesting finds.


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