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any one going to watch the first meteor showers of the year

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Like all other cool sky stuff, just enough over cast to mess things up here.


Did you see the bolide on New Years Eve? I was in Las Cruces and did not see it! Otherwise it would have flown right over me! Everyone on the hill here called me on the cell phone when the sky lit up.

I told the artist ladies in these woods about Lincoln La Paz and the green lights that were spotted here many years ago. They said it was a green light traveling horizontally...not falling. They thought they were being visited by the mothership I am sure.

The "expert" on KRQE said it was "space dust". I guess they dont know the role UNM plays in all that.


It was rumored to come down near Grand Junction, Colo. I know a fellow that drove over to ask a few questions. Lots of folks saw it. It should be easy to triangulate.

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The Quadrantid Meteor Showers will be tonight (wed morning) about 2:am est

Hi all!

I was able to capture a few through the Parker (AZ) SkyCam. The moon was kind of a killer but after it went down, several appeared. Far from impressive here. Caught one good meteor at 1052Z. The rest were small and dull.


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Yep, Tried again at 03:00 MST . I've seen better activity most times of the year.

Laim show for sure.

In 30 minutes only seen one faint streak.

What a let down.

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Me and my crew are on it Bob!! post-2798-0-84443200-1325653964_thumb.jp

My bet is 15 miles N/NE of Cortez Colo. Just a hunch. A friend near Chama NM said it went black high in the sky over his head and was headed in a N/NW direction when the lights went out.

'Bout 6 feet of snow on the ground up there and pretty sloppy. I hope the MetBusters are wearing sheepskin and tall boots.

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Alarm clocked failed me ... comments say I didn't miss too much ... sleep has been coming hard lately so good thing I slept through I guess! Besides the light iof the moon would dim the show anyway. I like it when we are closer or at the new moon. Better view next time I guess.

Mike F

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So it seems like the event was up and down. I personally had fun considering the location I'm in. Worst possible... LAX and Los Angeles but as I said, I caught some cool ones hell knows what they were like if I were in a perfect environment.

A funny story, good friend of mine who's a doctor decided to head up to Idaho to their 2nd house for a break. She text me saying "Is the meteorite show on tonight?" And I appropriately replied, it should be on the Science Channel. Then when I got home from work, I realized they don't watch TV (well at a minimum). And I replied back "sorry maybe you meant the meteorite shower " So I gave her some info to help her out and she was totally excited to the point where I had to turn my phone off because of the text messages coming in all night. I didn't want to seem like an a-hole, but I needed my sleep for work the following morning.

But I quote her comments, which was "our private parts froze too! but we saw about 25 between 1.30 - 3.00am MST. it was awesome!"

So I'm glad she's happy with it. I was happy with it. In fact, what was posted on SpaceWeather.com that Jeff Kuyken posted up was appropriate to what I saw at 5.30am


Such a fun time. But I hate the cold! :P

Cheers, Johnno

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