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Needing some help with identification

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Hey guys, I'm not a rock expert by any remote means whatsoever. My father found this nearly 35 years ago and stashed it away in the garage. I pulled it out and a magnet is attracted, some places on the rock more than others. Doesn't look like magnetite to me, but I know there are more earth rocks that attract a magnet. It weighs 20 lbs, seems to have some meteorite characteristics, but that's coming from someone who literally knows nothing. I'm sure you guys will know what it is right away to clear it up!



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100% not a meteorite, that looks like a lava rock.

Steve, meteorite do leave streaks (they're not super-rocks, they are rocks after all); it is the color of the streak you are interested in.

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I usually refer to a streak as being colored like you would get if checking for hematite, magnetite, pyrite,etc. In my book, absence of color to me means no streak... Maybe there are actually meteorites will will give a colored streak but I'm not aware of them.


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