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Howdy Gang,

Well I finally recouped from Franconia and was having some withdraws

already, since school starts back up tomorrow. So, I decided to take the kids

out to a close dry lake and hunt for some meteorites. We drove right out into

the center of the lake bed, got geared up, and headed out. Not more than 10-15

mins. and about 100M from the truck we hit a nice piece. I was happy to say the

least, and it made the trip all the worth while. The piece turned out to weigh

3.8grams. Continuing on for the next three hours we found four more pieces.

However, the weights went down pretty fast; 1.3, 0.9, 0.3, and 0.2 grams for the

rest. My son spotted the last one of the day and we headed back to the truck.

We walked about 2 1/2 mi. and my youngest (daughter) was a trooper. The weather

was just right, slight breeze, 68 degrees and plenty of sun.

All-in-all, we had a great day and lots of fun roaming around a dry lake.

Happy Hunting, until next time, Keep Looking Down...






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Steve, it was good time and kids were tuckered out by the end of it...Yeah, they were asleep on the way home.

Richard, you da Man!!!! I just lurk in your shadow waiting for you to miss the next big one...It was a very productive day indeed. Now we just need to find another Franconia. BTW, are you watchig the transits of Io and Ganymede going across Jupiter? Got the scope out and watching right now (9:18pm Tue).


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Jay, are those cold finds? You really did clean up for it being a random lake bed! Congrats brother! Until I can get out hat way I am living through you guys. Your picture and stories are keeping me motivated an entertained, just make sure you save some out at G.B. and Fraconia for me bud!

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Johnno, don't say that, someone might actually be listening....

Rocco, no not cold finds. But the meteorite has been classified (supposedly) but not listed or published in the Met Bull. Not sure what gives there, but still a fun day. The kids had fun, and that matters most.


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Clifton, it has given me some in the past too, about two years ago. So that's a good sign of finding more. I'm trying to find out some info on it, but not much available...

Ed, they know Dad's a pushover after hunting, can you say, "Micky Dee's"...

Steve, I'm hoping so. My youngest there likes to eat more seeds than hunt though. I kept saying, "Honey, you have to look down to find them...", haha. That smallest one I spotted about three feet away amd my son was going, "How did you know it was one?", I said, "Stick with me boy, and you'll go places...", again laughing.

Jason ;)


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