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Any security is better than no security. But then a layered technique works better still.

I have a truck alarm that can be defeated but also have motion detectors that sound off in the house. People don't know about those and so won't try to negate them.

Add 24/7 recorded video and a doggy (and this is in a decent part of town ;) )

Neighbors who really want to look out for each other might use the long distance driveway motion detectors like these

Chamberlain CWA-2000 Wireless Driveway Alarm Monitor


Neighbor can have receiver in their house and it'll beep with activity in your house. You can buy additional sensors and each one beeps a different number of times.

Add the less expensive sensors like these http://www.harborfre...stem-93068.html for more general areas.

The cheaper sensors have kind of a sloppy area of detection so they'd be where there are no animals. The better ones you can have a narrower beam on.

I even use motion detector lights, sensors and cameras camping, like near the border, since I don't have windows.


Border Patrol driving by activated motion lights and beeper which woke me up:

Best bet if it criminals don't know a valuable is there or can't find it, so false walls and other techniques that take time and set off alarms to get to can help.

Hope you don't get ripped off! :D

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THK I would like to be your neighbor.....if I was rich.......I would have at least one of all those alarms you

show.....here in Brazil the houses have the tile roofs and it takes a thief about 15 seconds to slide them

aside and climb into the attic.....then just "drop in".....I have one motion sensor in my attic....and two out-

side.....I also use a small hand held model I put on my dredge at night.....the little thing sure will raise the

dead with it's squeal.....

Thanks for the :goodpost:

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I use them too G as the ones I got at Lowes is so loud it'll purt' near make your eyes bleed. All 3 with 2 battery battery operated are from Lowes and lasted for at least 4 years or so. House has a ac and a battery and truck uses battery. Caution if they go off inside the truck you will be in a world a hurt--as I have made that mistake ONCE and never again-John

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