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Meteorite spotted

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My wife and I were driving home on N. LAGO Del Oro Drive in Catalina,Az.. when we spotted a meteorite comming in from the east over the Catalina mts.. IT SEEMED TO BE VERY CLOSE. THE TIME WAS AT, OR ABOUT 8:17 PM. on New Years eve. Any one out there who can verify. Thanks . Doug

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LOL! Back in the 70's I was in Tucson and Seen one so big it back lit the whole Catalina Mtns. It was So Bright, it looked like someone was using a Arc Welder next door. Boy I was sure It hit back there some place.

As it turned out it was SO big they seen the same things up in Oklahoma.

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yes sir ree,, :D

I saw quite a few this year from the house, One when i was on the deck came over the mnt,s and close by . I could hear a swishing and crakkling, popping sound, Kind of like bacon cooking, Second time for something like that, It then got real bright and broke up in to about 12 pieces {you could see them real clear} guess it burned up, Hit in small pieces and landed in the ocean, It was really somthing to see.

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