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Minelab American Gold Striker ???


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Does any one know about a Minelab American Gold Striker detector ? Found one for sale at what seems like a cheap price, just wondering if there any good. Every one raves about these minelab machines but they are out of reach for some one living on a fixed income and this one is affordable. But dont want to get stuck with lemon machine. :miner:

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Since no ones taken a stab at this post of yours I went to the Minelab site an looked up the machine

If its the machine I'm looking at on the MINELAB website it was made in 1993 and has been discontinued for quite a while.

There were other versions similar to it the 1700 1800 etc.

I have no first hand experience with it and have never even seen one in person.

The 1600 1700 1800 were all predecessors to the Eureka gold and it kinda looks like the gold striker was also in that same class.

If I were you I'd keep looking for a used Eureka at least it is still in production and I would think serviceable if nessessary.

If cash expenditure is really hard for you then keep your eyes open for a sweet deal they do arise occasionally if not on a Minelab then a Whites GM3 or GMT

or Fisher Gold Bug or Gold Bug 2 or Tesoro Lobo ST

These machines do come out of the closets at times and are affordable. Good Luck

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If you are talking about a machine with a red control box it is a VLF machine brought out in 1993 or 1994. It retailed for about $700 list price new. Other than that try google for more info.

Mike F

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If the price is right and I mean low, go for it, I banged out a lotta gold with my 17000, just keep in mind tho that it will suffer in some of Az.s bad ground just like any VLF, but if it is working properly it will be a good unit to start with.....Good Hunting Geo

Might be a good idea to take someone with you that knows detectors to peek at it

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Hi Z I had one years ago and banged out many nuggets with it-When you say good deal-How much ? I would'nt pay more than 200.00 for it-if you do decide to buy it and don't like it look me up I may be interested in it if the price is right-Good luck-Mike C...

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Z the Gold Striker came out about the same time the XT-17000 did.....I had both machines but it's been many

years now....the XT had three frequencies...6.5-17.. where as the Striker only had 32kz....

If it's been taken care of it's a good gold machine but like someone has said there probably isn't any parts for it anymore.....

I believe my limit on the price would be around $100.00 and also give Minelab Americas in Ohio a call to make sure about


Darin Brown

Customer Care Technician

Minelab Americas | 1418 Brook Drive, Downers Grove, IL 60515 USA.

Customer Care: 1-877-767-6522 | T: 1-630-401-8162 | E: darin.brown@minelabamericas.com

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Some one bought the gold striker for $220 but now I found a minelab 2100 V2 for sale but i do not know if its any good or not. Is it a relic machine or a gold machine ?? Zuki

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I have a couple of the control box's If you need parts. And coils, covers and shafts. In fact I have just about every early ML VLF available for parts or projects.

Even a complete working 15000.

They are good units and will run side by side with todays VLF detectors. The tech hasn't changed that much. Just smaller electronics, bells and whistles. A good example of this is the Gold Bug 2. Hard to beat for a single purpose detector and still using decades old tech.

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