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I have never heard of oldtimers using lead for anything other than what lead was used for back then, making bullets, which would be my guess casting bullets for reloading.

The only other thing I can think of was that they may have been pouring bearings for repairing their machinery, lead was used mixed with other soft and medium hard metals to make a bearing material call babbitt, the molten metal was poured into a hole in the bearing cap which would let the babbitt conform to the inside of the cap and the shaft that needed the bearing, a little bit of trimming the seepage from around the bearing cap and you were good to go again.


Babbitt formulas are still used in today modern bearings, but it is a very thin layer of the babbitt material applied to a steel shell that make the common bearings that are used in the automotive, trucking and other industrial machinery where roller and ball bearings are not practical.


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Only the shadows know for sure-wack off a good sized chunk and plop in 50% nitric and all will be revealed when lead is dissolved-pan man and you'll know fer sure :brows: John

While lead and silver will dissolve in nitric acid and leave the gold, I wouldn't try this unless you know what you are doing. Working with lead and mercury can be very dangerous under certain conditions. A background in chemistry will help minimize the hazards but could still be harmful. Besides, I doubt if there's any precious metals in that kettle anyway,


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You may be the worse panner (which I doubt)...but you are the best with a GB2 in Az!



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