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I was wandering if any of you would recomend any equipment to get. I am in need of a pan, classifier, sluice..etc. I am not looking for a high end sluice or big sluice just something small and compact. I did some research and heard that keene sluices are really good. I was just wandering if any of you would recomend a model based on the information I have given to you for what I am looking for. Thanks again for any information and help.

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In your location you just need something to test gravel and teach you the basics of concentration. My choice has always been a rocker box to test wetted gravel because it is cheap. You are probably not going to get rich and success will be gettin' any at all. Keep it simple and inexpensive. Most fellows spend a lot more time tinkering with equipment than getting gold. Don't fall in that trap. Spend a lot of time sampling gravel with a simple machine and then tailor your recovery system to suit the situation after finding some gold.

Just my two cents.

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Google rocker boxes and you will probably find some basic plans to build a homemade rocker box that you can adapt the size to suit your preferences.

Should be a 1 day project and you'd be ready to get into the field an use it along with a pan , snuffer bottle and a small plastic bottle to put your finds in.

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