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Tips please!!!


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Welcome Urbangold!

First tell us where in this world you're located, or better yet you can add it to your profile to help others know your location by looking at the info near your avatar when you post.

The reason we need to know your location is that, depending on the part of the country your in or prospecting my well affect how you would have to work the creek, and if gold is even near your location, i.e. looking local gold deposited in a stream usually is different from looking for glacial deposited gold in a stream in areas that have no natural deposits.

Your location doesn't have to be exact, but just the general part of the state your in, i.e. N. California, etc.

Sometimes you may need to be more specific when it comes to someone giving you advice on location near you, but you add that to a post or reply when need be.

The first thing I would suggest is learning how to pan for gold properly, especially fine gold, if you haven't done so as of yet, almost all getting of gold other than metal detecting involves panning at some point.


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Well your definitely in glacial gold country, Indiana is not known for natural gold deposits, but is known for some decent glacial deposits, you may not find the "mother load", but if you get in the right spots you should find some decent color, mostly fine gold but the occasional picker or small nugget is not unheard of.

I would highly suggest that you find a copy of Chuck Lassiter's book "Midwest Gold Prospecting" it's sorta the holy grail of info on how to prospect for glacial gold and the book focuses mostly on Indiana, you may find a use copy in a bookstore or online or you could buy the book directly from Chuck's website, which is also a great source of info on Indiana, this book will tell you more than probably anyone on this site can about finding glacial gold and especially Indiana gold.

Here's a link to Chuck site.


Here's a link to a search page for gold panning locations in Indiana, some of these location maybe outdated, so you'll need to check locally to make sure it still allowed.


Also here's a link to the regulations on gold prospecting in Indiana, if I'm not mistaken you will need to get a permit to pan for gold, but I think it's a free permit, this document also list other info you will need to know when panning in Indiana.



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Thanks for the tips by the way "10 Karat Gold Member" I don't give up and never quit I will find the gold one way or another whether I strike big or small I will find it.

You just overcame the biggest obstacle to finding gold. And you did it effortlessly. I am impressed!

If locating and learning about gold is your goal you can do that almost anywhere. Then you take that knowledge and go where the gold is rich. That is your only option and with that attitude you can do it.

Now here is my tip for you Cheekako and I wish you the very best-

In my life I have searched high and low for gold and treasure and I have found that it is definitely a hell of a lot more fun searching high.


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You should read the current December '11 issue of the ICMJ (International California Mining Journal) there is a great article on finding gold in your area by Chuck Lassiter. I was surprised at how much gold there is in Indiana. You don't even need a hard copy read it here:


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See El Dorado advice. The article in ICMJ is in 2 parts, December 2011, and January 2012.

More Au to you, Robert

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Where are you located in Indiana?

I can point you in the right direction.

It is important to hone your panning skills to

catch some of the VERY small and flat

glacial gold.

I have found gold in Monroe, Morgan, Greene, Wabash, Knox, Daviess, Dubois, Owen, and Gibson counties

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