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For what its WORTH ,

I came across this article on the internet with a reference to values, now bear in mind there can be many variables to this .


current price,... lets face it when the price of an item is high buyers are limited versus lower price many buyers, as with any item.

solid gold nugget

specimen gold

quality of nugget/specimen



buyers market

sellers market

how quickly do you need to turn it into cash

etc. etc. etc.

here it is,

A Rough Guide to Determining the Value of Your Gold by Size

Fine and up to 1 grain - Market minus 5-10% (Assayed)

1 to 3 grains - Market price (Assayed)

3 to 12 grains - Market by weight plus 10% and up (No Assay)

12 grain to 1 pennyweight - Market by weight plus 50%

1 pennyweight to 1 ounce - Market by weight plus 50-75%

One ounce and up - Individual value based on shape and contour. Priced by haggling, at least 100% over market.

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Frank.. I have been buying and selling gold for a pretty long time. I would say your figures are pretty good for when gold was well under $800/oz. I just cannot see any fines going for more than 80%, Pickers for up to 90% , 1/4 oz and larger at 100% and larger nuggets up to 110-125% but this depends on weather selling to a dealer or to a collector. Most specie will sell for 100% of contained gold weight. And the highest is for real free grown (vug) crystal up to 400%.

Of course there are those that will pay anything for raw gold... just look at eBay

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Of course there are those that will pay anything for raw gold... just look at eBay

It is unreal what some people are paying for tiny gold nuggets on eBay. I see people paying more than double spot price for sub grain pieces that are displayed with blown up photos. There's no such thing as fines or pickers now. EVERYTHING is a nugget.

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My question on this topic is,

I understand almost No nuggets exceed 86% gold, most fall between 60% to 80%.

If these values are correct, I was estimating no more than 75% of spot, or the value set for 18k since 18k is 75% gold, is this wrong?

Is there a markup margin or is a dealer suppose to pay you the spot price.

I have about 1/4 oz. of smaller than #16 screen from an area commonly assayed at 82%. but no direct assay.

Can I estimate my under #12 screen fines un-assayed? Is using 75% good enough and would they pay that?

A Specific Gravity Test would tell me the gold content, if I could figure out how to measure small flake (not flour)gold.

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C2020-just posted gravity test here a while ago but not enough coffe in me yet to remember which or where as :zzzzz: slept in waaaay late to almost 6am :aw-shucks: rare one for me--Bucket--your right about the women bud--all I got to remember is hep C(cured) ,child support and alimony :WOW: John

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Frank C Those Numbers are as El Dorado said a little off Now days, I was lucky to get spot for a 6 OZ Solid gold Nugget, They in return would sell it for 10-15 above spot,{they have to be making money}That was At A gold price of 1300.00,I did sell one 2 oz for spot times 20 at 1000.00 it was very rare and I was very lucky. Collectors were not selling much at 250-600, and they do not like to buy in the 1000 and up range, That said there are those people who will pay more they are usually in a Bar and a little drunk , Or E Bay and sub grain to a few grainm ,Not much selling on E Bay above a few grams,But on the other side Do not forget about the little double triangle cubed {picture 2 pyramids glued together at the base) gold specimen that went for over 80,000.00 at the Tucon gold show a few years ago. That is one place you could do well with true specimen pieces, Not just quartz and gold but the very special and rare type.It was about a 1/4 inch long. Finding a steady buyer is hard finding a steady collector is even harder,I will take a pic of somthing one might get double spot for and post it later,Moneies are tight and we are fortunate to sell or get a fair price know days for sure,Remeber if a butyer is in buisness they need to make money, so getting 10/15 per cent below spot is there profit.

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I agree with you all. As I stated this guide was picked up from the internet and there should be many variables to ajust along with the guide.

The only reason I posted it was because many individuals have asked this question and there are truly MANY answers to it depending on where you are who you are and who you know.

It is intended only for a rough guide to answer many thoughts people have.

For sure with the spot price so high nowadays there are far less people buying up anything and everything as fewer have the resources to afford the purchases.

A GREAT discussion to have going with others outlooks , experiences, and opinions for all of us to learn by.

Thanks for contributing input on this.

I have yet to conduct a specific gravity test on my Vampire Nugget am anxious to do so and have a friend thats going to help me with it. I want to see how much metal is in that ol rock !!!!

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Yes Sir,I was tring to post a above spot nugget :stupidrb: i will try later, ( think i remember something about photo bucket} Unusual shapes,courseness,crystalin features,excess weight,can get more for spot, :wee: emotion can help or hinder , :eee:

It has always been a tough one for me to sell a nice piece for spot but if you are in a bind that,s how it goes, :sickbyc: negotiate for a month or two and the odds can be better for the seller, :woot: it is getting tough to get a good price for anything now days,or a fair wage, :*&$*(: If you have some one who is a constant and fair buyer, those guys are kept as tight lipped as a good patch :shhhhh: . :ph34r2: fun icons huh. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL :D

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