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What is my nugget worth?

Guest Gripper

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Guest Gripper

Selling a nugget to get a new machine. Gold/quartz from California. A hair over an ounce (so lets call her one ounce). All purdy and such. Truth is, I mine and metal detect, this is my first adventure into selling gold and I have no idea what I should even ask for her. What would you ask for her? I appreciate your input. Tried over and over to load pics to nugget shooter but failed. Had to put the pictures in photobucket. Info on this would be helpful also.






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I edited your post to included your photos, I had to post the last two in another post

(only 3 photos can be posted per post).

A specimen nugget is worth the value of the gold content and any extra $ for being a specimen would be in the eyes of the beholder/buyer, a specific gravity test to determine the gold content of your specimen would at least give you the approximate value in gold contained within the specimen.

The more character/uniqueness and size the specimen has the more value it will have to a collector, your's IMHO being water worn and really not that unique would not have much more value over spot price for gold content, a few years ago you could have gotten 1 1/2 of spot gold price or more, but now-a-days the collectors are not buying all specimens at a premium like they once were.

I would look at only the gold value for now and if you get more than that it will be a welcome bonus.

That being said, your nugget does have size in it's favor, so it may very well go for more than spot price.

I would suggest selling on Ebay with a set reserve price, if you get bidding war between 2 or more bidders you maybe pleasantly surprised at what you get for the nugget.

At this time we're having a disk space issues on the forum, which will be soon resolved, so for now Photobucket is the only way to post photos at this time.

Here's a walk through on how to post photos within your posts with Photobucket....

To post an image with Photobucket, simply hover over or click on the photo you want to post and you will get several options of links to choose from, which will look like this, (I can't copy the actual box/es that contains these links, but the links will be in white boxes to the right of the following text).....

  • Links
    Email & IM
    Direct link
    HTML code
    IMG code

The "IMG code" at the bottom is the one you will need to post an image on any forum, simply left click on the link itself and you should see the box containing the link will then change with the text "Copied" appearing in the box, then simply right click and paste the link where you want the picture to appear within your post here or on any other forum, I usually paste the link on a line by itself so the text in your post is not broken up, you will only see the link until you submit your post and then the picture will be within your post.

I also usually have 2 pages opened in my browser one with Photobucket and the other with the forum I'm posting on so it's very easy to get the link and post it.

Also if you ever delete any image in your Photobucket account that you've posted on any forum it the image will no longer be on the forum.

Let me know if you have any problems.


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Guest Gripper

Thanks Skip for the reply and also your help with the photos. I'll probably go the ebay route.

On a different note, I can't believe how many good deals on used machines there are now. A couple of years ago I spent months trying to find Minelab pi for around a thousand and ended up paying 1300 for a thrashed (as it turned out) SD2100. Don't really want to sell the nugget but I couldn't pass up a clean GPX4000 for $2000 I found recently. And this time, gold will help pay for it...

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I don't think this all is funny. Cabo is here legally; most receiving the most goverment benefits aren't.

Side note, bought my UPS driver a bottle of Gentleman Jack. Don't know if he drinks and haven't been able to catch him anywhere. I will ask if he imbibes in libations first, if there's a hesitation or he doesn't- he gets the bag of pistasios (sp?-nuts) and I'll be a lookin for Billy!

Merry Christmas all!


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Guest Gripper

Didn't get the Cabo joke until I saw your post Frank. Dang and DANG! Nice find. Like the strong contrast, plus its a biggin'. Looks like I need to upgrade what I drink.

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