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Sacramento or Auburn, CA ??


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Run,don't walk to the Motherlode Gold Hounds meeting in Auburn. Fantastic folks and club with claims,demos,lectures,outings and plenty of us retired folks with plenty of equipment to show ya and experience to draw from to buffer them newbies blues away. Doc just had yet another great article published in the ICMJ this month too. They have a website also so google and enjoy--tons a au 2 u 2 -John

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I am in Roseville, i am not a pro at finding gold but have found few tiny piece your welcome to tag along. Happy hunting an Merry Christmass to all

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Hello gang

I'm new to this forum and to NS. I've been panning once and I'm hooked. I was able to pan some bird shot from a local firing range but no gold. After talking to some locals I found I was in the wrong area. The last 45 minutes of my trip I found some flakes. I have a pan and an in stream slice, that I built. I would like to tag along with an experienced miner to learn more. I live 2 hours west of Sacramento and would love to get up to the south fork yuba river area. My first trip was out of the Colfax area. PM me if anyone is up for a day trip.

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Thanks El Dorado.

I have read good things about the local clubs. I would like to research more on what locations some of the clubs have before I join.

Being I'm 2hours west of Sac it would be difficult for me to make the meetings on a regular basis. At this point I'm just a weekend prospector.

I have some friends that have prospected the Grass Valley area and we plan to make a trip up there soon, I'll post how we did.

I have a sluice box I designed that is a combination of different styles. I'll share the results of that also. I think I got bit by the gold bug.

Truth be told it's the hunt for gold with the family, the gold is a perk........ Russell

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