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A few more from the "Vampire" patch

frank c

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Nice ones! They're laying all over the place for you; now want to see a smile on Terry's face. Gotta share buddy, makes home life a whole bunch easier! ;-)


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Shep , did my best to get her over a nugget last week was her vacation an we spent it down there. Had a couple days of rain handicap the time.

I called her over on 1 signal I picked up an let her at it but it turned out ferrous.

She'll get there , maybe it will be one of the tougher places like the basin closer to home.

We looked for that cork for 6 days, camped at that spot again but the wind must have taken it away !!!!!!

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Very nice :P I still think that Big one looked like rabbit teeth :hmmmmm: -Have you thought about posting some close up or maybe some different angle shots of the new ones or maybe line them up around the big one :hahaha: I got out yesterday and found one that I'll be posting here and only here maybe tomorrow-Mike C... :ph34r2:

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Thanks for the "good words" and the WARNING mike I'll take a real good crap, screw my wig on tight , GET MY HELMET ON an fasten my seatbelt.

And maybe I just won't bother posting finds anymore.

After all everybody out there in internet land that has an interest in gold prospecting/detecting knows what its like to hunt and bag.

I'm just another guy like them that really tries to succeed and share knowledge and experiences.

Have a nIcE dAy .

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