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A fellow that I hunt with uses a Lorenz DM and the small coil will certainly pick up a 10 grain flake at 6". He does not hunt gold with it but we tested it on a 1/2 DWT gold flake under the dirt. Anything smaller than that you are not going to have much luck. He can get a little Glorieta the size of 00 Buck at 12" or better with it. It is a very good machine for iron and large nuggets. I dont think it will be effective at nugget shooting though unless the area you hunt has really large gold. It has no chance of finding what I consider to be the "bread and butter" detectable placer and I doubt that it will perform at all on most float (although that is just a hunch).

I have not hunted with the machine with the small coil but have spent a few hours hunting behind it for any small stuff it misses. It does not miss much. And then I have helped carry the 40X40 coil and then hunted behind that one. It is really apples and oranges but that is one versatile detector. You can get a beer can at 6 feet and a picker at 6".

That machine is the best darn metal detector on the market as far as I am concerned. I have been really inmpressed with the Lorenz. For deep iron you could not possibly need anything else except a backhoe to dig with. And the sensitivity is so good and search pattern so wide that you can really cover some ground without worrying about missing stuff. I'fn I ever buy another high end detector it will be the Lorenz or a Pulse Star. The low end Lorenz machine (whatever the name is) I bet would be a great machine too. Who needs to go 40 feet deep anyway? The 16 feet that the cheaper Lorenz performs to is pretty darn impressive and probably won't let too many get away.

Betcha you could make a coil or get someone to make a coil that would detect flly specks at reasonable depth.

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Hi Bob, Thanks for the reply. I like the GPX-5000 also but it does not have a large coil to tow behind an ATV. It would be nice to have one detector that would work for both small nuggets and also operate with a 8m coil. Thanks, Sonny

There is so much difference between hunting big deep irons and tiny nuggets it would be unlikely to find a machine that would do it all well. The Minelabs as well as many VLFs are great for gold and will shine on meteorites too, but if a fellow wants to go to either extreme (depth or sensitivity) I am not sure there is one perfect machine.

In my opinion it is much better to have a machine that is sensitive on small targets and not quite as deep. I have never found a meteorite over about 24" and the Minelab that I used could go much deeper than that. And it could also get the tiny flakes. So I personally would rather have less depth and more sensitivity. But when I am detecting for meteorites I sometimes wish the darn thing was NOT so sensitive. Too much tiny trash.

Who knows? The machines are so good and so versatile today that it is a good debate. If'n you want to find gold nuggets I dont think a Lorenz would be my choice. But then again a GBII wont find an engine block farther than a foot and a half. A Minelab machine probably comes as close to the perfect all purpose gold/meteorite finder that I have ever used.

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Flak; I bet you would for a millon dollar piece...I have been waist deep for a piece of junk so six feet under for a fortune would be pretty nice...of course, anyone looking that deep has probably mechanized their digging...

for the searching I do, the minelab covers it all pretty darn well...

Good luck Sonny...hoping to cross your path again...


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ok Fred, you got me, I would dig a six foot hole for the amount you put down

and a lot less btw.

just not for another pick head, beer can, horse shoe, tobacco can or square (or any other kind of) nail.

those seem to be my specialties on the deep targets for now.

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