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History of gold dredging


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There's a large creek not too far from me that had commercial gold dredging about 80-100 years ago. Thing is I don't know where it was and have found no records of it online. If I were to walk that creek, what would I look for as signs of an old (80-100 years old) dredging operation? I'm thinking it would be fun to go through the tailings.

Thanks all!


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I'm assuming that the dredging was done with a bucketline dredge or something similar, if so look for the tailings/large rocks piles, these tailings could be in the underbrush that has grownup around and over them over the last century, these tailings are about the only thing that would show signs of a bucketline dredge that was operating there many years ago.


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If you find the tailing piles by all means go over them with your detector.

Work the very top of the piles because that cam from the beepest part

of the gravel.Then work your way down the side.

Try to find a report on the area from your state geological survey dept.

or the U.S.G.S. to see if there was / is anything else in that area that

may be worth your time and effort to look for also. You never know

what you walk over if you don't take the time to check those odd

colored, funney looking rocks. Just because you don't get a hit on

them with your detector, don't mean there not worth anything.

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