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Unique sedimentary formation found!

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Check out this cool rock I found today. Only a complete laboratory analysis can verify but I am certain this is clitolithic gynolite formed during the early vagicene period. I have seen a lot of clitoliths in my time but this one is by far the largest and most well preserved. Truly museum quality!

<img src="http://i335.photobuc...ob/SAM_0873.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>

It was once believed that clitoliths only formed when the immense weight of the buttocksaphene pluton compressed a thin strata of clitaceous pantystone against the underlying sofa stone. Recent studies have found that clitoliths can also form in many lesbianite dykes as well as flinty eruptives rich in ballbustinide crystals.

While clitoliths are fairly common they should not be disregarded by the prospector. Some clitoliths have been sealed so tightly for such a long time that small diamonds may form. And the legend of the clitolith filled with gold is based on fact, as many clitoliths form spontaneously after matrimosis with gold bearing doucheites, geezerites and some confused young faggotines.

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