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RDIndio, a remembrance on the anniversary of his passing

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Dave, thanks for the kind words. "Hauntingly beautiful," I agree. Do you realize that the first gold discovery in what was to become the Dale Mining District was made about this time 140 years ago? Thus we modern-day electronic prospectors are the brethern of those of times past. BTW, my sister in law, Suzanne Weyn-Gonzalez, wrote M.M.M.E. HH Jim

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Great story, I will also agree to the fine wordsmithing job. It really painted an interesting portrait of Mr. Delahanty. Thanks for taking the time to bring it to light Flak (David).

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Now a'days, you just got to have a place to get away to, far from all the politicians, news media, asphalt jungle, etc.

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