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Hey All,

Im looking at joining the GPAA but im wondering if anyone has any info on the claims in the Sierra Mt. range. Im wondering about tent camping on site, are fires allowed if so, are in stream sluices allowed anywhere, whats recommended, should i expect any other fees other than my membership, ect.


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High Fever,

Most GPAA claims, and other various club claims allow overnite camping, but the majority of the claims far under BLM, or National Forest rules for what type of equipment, duration of stay, fire ring permitted, etc, etc! Depending on the season, wet or dry, fire ring may be prohibited or allowed. GPAA claims seem to be pretty loose on interpetation of direction, and equipment usage. I have seen GPAA claim that butt against RoadRunner Prospecting Club claim wide open all year long, but the RRPC claim will be close for several months as it is nesting season for such a such???, or a raparian study area, etc is being done! Go figure!

More Au to you, Robert

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