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Toyota p/u owners...advice please.


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The BFG AT's are the only tire I have run on the last two Silverados and will be the replacement for the tires on my 2011 Sierra. I have run BFG AT's for over 12 years now with 2 flats ...both at over 80 MPH and both on I-70 in Illinois ... NEVER had a flat or even a slow leak with them off road travelling over razor sharp shale rock roads in Northern Maine or AZ desert pickers, stickers, slashers or slicers! :) The only reason I haven't changed the tires on the GMC is that the Coopers on there now were my choice when I ordered the truck 30,000 miles ago. I will change out of them after this prospecting season or 40,000 miles whichever comes first. I have never gotten less than 65,000 miles out of the BFG AT's. I run them at 45 psi and rotate/check balance every other oil change. I rotate front to rear only on all my four wheel drive trucks ... maybe old school but it works and why reverse direction and take a chance of screwing up the belts. An alignment every 30,000 miles doesn't hurt either. Most times no or only minor changes are needed but it helps to keep the tires on the road for the long haul.

Long and short get the BFG's and don't even bother looking at the others.

Mike F

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I (how many times is it now) the BFG AT/KO decision. It's just about the toughest all terrain out there and will do great in all areas, except deep mud. But it wasn't designed for that, so I won't hold it against the tire.

As was stated, the older V6 engines were junk and only get a V6 truck if you plan to do a V8 swap. However, the V6 axles were tougher than the 22r and re equipped trucks.

The one thing to note that hasn't been brought up is the head gasket on the 22re... If you so much as change the thermostat, go ahead and throw a head gasket on the thing. For some reason I've always seen any bolt being loosened on the head end up with a failed head gasket not long after unless it's replaced, too. Must be some sort of jealousy on the part of the head gasket?

It's an easy job, save for the vacuum lines and emissions crap of earlier re's.

Only other weak point is the Birfield CV joint in the front solid axles. They are strong for their size, but the bell will weaken over time. So go ahead and carry spare complete shafts for the front and think about upgrading down the road for ultimate reliability.

The Yota is a great platform. To get a 4 door US version you'll wind up with the independent suspension front axle (IFS) version (86 I think and later). So you'll take a small hit in ruggedness there, but not too bad for what you're getting - a light weight, nimble and sturdy package. You can always do a solid axle swap (SAS) if you choose. The big draw for IFS is smoother ride on the road and better whoops handling off road... To a point.

A couple of great vendors who deal almost exclusively with Yotas (and have been testing their stuff in the worst of conditions) are Marlin Crawler and Trail Gear.

Full disclosure - my shop is a Trail Gear dealer, and incan get Marlin Crawler at a good proce - but I would recommend me even if I wasn't. Since I won't be accused of commercial ads on the board, please contact me off e public route for more info. But note: I'm not convinced it's commercial for me, seeing as I've never taken a dime of wages or stipend from the shop LOL.

Sharing a little vid of Marlin Crawler...

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Marlin is the goofy looking gray-haired guy with a mustache and red cap on who gets out and walks alongside the truck as it goes over the rocks. He's one of the nicest folks you'll ever meet, for sure.

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Which one are you Glenn?.....

I've already spent half a day watching these videos....man there is some awsome stuff in here Glenn....

The biggest problems I have here is usually mud....those "mudders" on the video are crazy certified...I

don't need all the stuff they have I just want my Toy to think it's bad....

The one little red CJ sure nuff kicked some rump.....

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That is jaw-dropping video thanks for putting it up.

I have never been close-up to one of those rock crawlers, they are on a different planet

from the vehicles I have owned.

I don't think I would worry much about any kind of terrain if I had one of those in the garage.

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Solid axles rule, I have been there with my jeep, if you have lockers you can get those angles pretty easy with a good spoter,The big thing is doing the trail and not breaking anything, great fishing in loon lake also. god i love it up there. Great video and info,

Not to start a war but cooper does make a great tire and american made, they are the tires all the mines use in Nevada,It was the most reliable longest lasting tire they could find,I was doing 60/75 on those slate and shale tire killers, no flats for me Just a less cost option for everyone in the tough times,Forgot to mention low gearing,Nice to see a true crawler,Not one of those rock throwers

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I'm not in those vids. I tend to shy away ;)

Sorry to have taken up your day like that Garimpo (not really, because I know you love it)

Flak, let me know what area of CA you're in and I likely know someone who will let you co-dawg on a trail. Or at least a shop with the real deal where you can go see one or more up close. They are truly a feat of engineering.


I am part owner of Desertfab Motorsports and used to be a W.E.Rock Judge and Marshal. I'll be announcing the Dirt Riot race next weekend in Tucson and our Ultra4 car #4422 will be racing (it dang well better be, I just finished putting it back together today!).

I, too, love the Rubicon and want to get back there some day before they shut it all down. The little sluice can be a fun place to sit back and watch the crazies, for sure.

I miss having a working and capable 4x4... SGTFDA (Frank) would say I'm taking it out on his '85 Toyota lol

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