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Gold and Fish Rules in WA State


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So I have been reading the Gold and Fish Book for WA state (as I am new to this prospecting thing) and boy is it confusing! My complaints are the riffle sq footage allowed for sluices and other equipment. Not only that but how restrictive it is to when you can do what!

So I made a lot of phone calls and came up BIG. I talked to Parry. The main author for the WA state gold and fish book. I expressed my willingness to stay within the laws and told him some of the areas I was looking to prospect in this summer and he was more than helpful. Not only telling me why some areas are so heavily restricted but most importantly ways to work around these restrictions. Not loopholes per say but ways in which to get claim and proposal approval faster, easier, and with mostly little to no restrictions.

Now I admit that there are some areas that I have been thinking of working that no matter what way I go around it, its just too darn restrictive. But with some of the guidelines that Parry explained in detail and what to look for and document, its going to be a lot easier this spring and summer for me to find an area, set up a claim, have it be approved, and work the claim.

If anyone is thinking of prospecting and especially set up a claim here, please let me know. I have some good tips for you.


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