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"CABO WABO" in Quartzite 2.5 OZR.

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I have been hunting with Frank for several years now and he is one of the most determind hunters I have ever met. With all the deep trash he has dug in the last couple years, he totaly earned this one

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The other Frank told me about this nugget, but I just got on and saw it. Holy Mother of Gawd!!!

That 5000 is almost paid for now... In one swing.

Congrats, Frank.

Let me know when you'll be back down this way (QZ is only ~2hrs away) I'd like to at least meet up for a drink.

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Frank, as a Christmas gift, I've made you an animated avatar CaboWash nugget. This one plays 12 times. I posted another two versions of it somewhere else, on a thread of yours. Those play, 1st version just once, 2nd version never stops. Hope you like them! :lol:


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I consider myself to be an excellent hunter as I can find something of value no matter where you put me and give me time, but I have yet to find a substantial nugget or a meteorite. (Although I have found plenty of tiny flecks of gold in quartz throughout my years of eyes to the ground) Seeing things like this just makes me even more excited to finally make my way out to Gold Basin in the early spring! If there's gold and meteorites to be found there, I have at least 4 days to kill there, enough drive and good attitude to hunt like crazy, and many years of teaching myself the art of patience! (If 7 years of being enlisted in the military doesn't provide patience, buddy you can't get it!) :)

Look forward to seeing some of you out there, and even if I found a nugget the size of a nail clipping, you can bet I will write a novels worth of story on here all about it!

Congrats on that beauty!


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