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Anyone in Norcal or Socal?

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Hi everyone,

I'm sure a lot of you have already seen my introductory post. If you have not, I live in northern California, am a junior in high school, and will be doing a project on meteorite hunting in May 2012. I'm looking for people living in California, preferably 8 hours or less driving distance from the Bay Area. I would like to meet up with someone that can show the ins and outs of meteorite hunting, maybe letting me tag a long on a hunt or two. Looking to do this within the next few months, shoot me a message or post if you're able to help out/for details.

I know I'm asking a lot even though I've only just joined. I promise my posts will be more than just questions.

All the best,


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Simon...I think you are rushing this a bit...kind of like meeting someone for the first time and asking them to marry you...

Do you have reliable transport that is suitable for rough roads?

Do you have experience camping out and the equipment to do so?

Are you 18 or older?...if not there are legal issues for your parents to resolve...like will your legal guardian be coming with you?

What research and books have you read to prepare for this project?

Have you read through the past-posts on this site to see what others have asked and been taught?

If you want to discuss these issues or discuss how i hunt meteorites or discuss what little I know about such things you can send an e-mail through this forum...once I see an honest effort we may go to the next level...

BTW, there is nothing to keep you from driving to the nearest drylake bed and teaching yourself how to hunt, and maybe find meteorites...


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Fred, I guess you're right...the excitement of going and finding rocks from space went to my head a little too much. I'm going to take this more slowly and read up as much as I can before I actually get out there. Although I do go camping often and consider myself an "outdoorsy" person, that certainly does not qualify me to track people down to go hunting with. I guess I should do a hunt or two by myself as well to get a feel for the environment. Perhaps after that I would be prepared enough to attend a hunt with someone else.

Not sure who has the power to do so, but I would like to have this thread removed...I don't want anyone to contact me (yet) and find out I'm just rushing it all too fast.

All the best


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I have the power to delete this thread, but I don't think it's necessary.

You have not done anything wrong, all you did was ask for help in pursuing what a lot of people here love to pursue and at one time everyone was new to this passion just like yourself, I think this post should be left up for anyone else that is willing to give you a helping hand.

Many here have gone out looking for meteorites with others or a group and didn't know the first thing about finding a space rock, it should be no different for you than it was for others going for the first time.

Going slow it great at first for some, but a passion is a passion and sometimes it's hard to restrain from jumping in with both feet, I say do what you feel and don't let others decide for you.


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In that case I guess it would be ok to leave the thread up. I have a habit of being overly-apologetic...LOL....both you and Fred have given me good advice here. For now, I will be reading posts in the meteorite subforum and trying to gain more knowledge on the subject.

Thanks to all.

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Simon; I did not intend to dissuade you nor imply any offense...as many can tell you I am direct and not inclined to mince words nor coddle anyone...My intent was that people like me (if there are any) are not quick to invite an unknown someone to accompany them to on a camping trip...

Also, when I see a post going unanswered I throw my two-bits worth in rather than have someone be completely ignored. it is my nature and training to be helpful but I have learned to moderate those impluses...

Knowing that you are not a pure city person is certainly a plus...that you take advise to heart rather than getting belligerent is a positive thing...

We live too far apart for getting together with convenience...but if there is an Outing that we both attend I will be happy to assist you with what I know...

and you may feel free to e-mail with any discussion items or questions if you are so inclined.


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Thanks Fred,

I know you did not mean any offense in your post, and your two-bits was more than welcome. I would rather have had you contribute than have no responses to the thread...I respect your advice and did not assume that you intended to do anything more than give advice to a newbie. I'm also grateful that you extended an invitation to contact you by email...as of right now I feel most of my questions can be answered in books and looking online, but I will consider you a valuable resource in the future.

Happy Hunting


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Welcome to the forum, noncents ,from Eastern Arizona.

I'm relatively new to this meteorite prospecting, too. I've been fortunate to go on a couple of group hunts with folks who know what they're doing, as well as some solo trips but still haven't found any myself. If it's permissible to refer to other forums here (if not please delete), I suggest you check out the Club Space Rock forum, http://meteorites.ning.com/, for additional information and group outings. Their members organized the two group hunts I went on, and some folks came from California, Nevada, and other states.

You might also want to check out the met. bull., the Meteoritical Bulletin, at : http://www.lpi.usra....eor/metbull.php and do a search for known meteorites in your area. You can search by state or even counties in a state. There may be some nearby you can go to for a solo prospecting trip.

As fredmason mentioned, research is the key, and many hours are spent doing research on where to go for every hour spent in the field. It's good that you've got some camping experience, many on the group hunts camped out, as have I on group and solo trips. Hang in there, and you'll be finding space rocks in time.

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