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Can u tell me what is this please , thanks :)


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Welcome to the forum!! :D

I added your pictures so it will be easier for others to view.

I'm not an expert and others will know more than I do, but it looks like Chert or Flint to me.


A little background on where this rock is from or was found may help with the identification.




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Could be, the 2nd has a spot on it looks like when a rock feels oily. Might be jasper also.

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Thank you Seeker for the photos and welcoming xD ... i found it in Bulgaria ofc .. i think it was in Perperikon fortress near Kardjali, Rodopi mountains (ancient Bulgarian fortress).

I got several more minerals and rocks that need ID if i got time ill post them today :)

regards Mitko.

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I tought so too , but i wanted to ask :) thanks Gold.

The hardness is like Opal. Dont have UV light unfortunatly :S


Here are some other findings of me:



i wish to know if anyone got an idea what are these.

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