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Hitting Old Patches w/ 4500

Uncle Ron

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Well, I do have to say that the ML4500 is pulling little nuggets from old patches that I've covered tens to hundreds of times with Ol' Baboo 2100 ... Not many, and it'll prob'ly take a gillion years to pay for the 4500 at this rate, money-wise, but getting my nugget bone rubbed is worth much more than that ... Here's another little .6 gram beauty I picked up yesterday ... It has some awesome rounded hematite inclusions (I think) that makes it a very unusual little nugget ... Cheers, Yer Unc in the Dubyah



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Congrats Unc! That 4500 sure can pick up the little ones in the right time tested hands. Keep up the good work.

Frank C ... Old Charlie Furness (my dad ... RIP Dad ... 9-11-1993) saying: "All work and no play is fool's play!" Translation: Workaholic die you! You need to play some of the time to refresh the mind and body so that it doesn't become a robot and drive the body into the ground! Go play for a day! :)

Mike F

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