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Gold Prospecting Story on Fox5 news


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Aloha Everyone,

Well, news must be slow here in Las Vegas because I just heard of a big news story about Gold Prospecting in Las Vegas and the surrounding areas. Seems that since the price of gold is on the rise everyone seems to be out there hunting for that elusive "Pot of Gold" and that nugget of a lifetime. I saw some preliminary clips and they make it sound like everyone can go out into the desert and find gold. So we can all expect a lot of competition with newbies looking to purchase their first metal detector. WOW, is it my pessimism or does this sound like someone is trying to drum up some business?

BTW, the news story is being shown here on FOX 5 at 10pm on wednesday 11/23/2011.

Aloha and stay safe out there.

Stan aka Kaimi

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This new "rush" has been going on since gold hit 1000.00, and ever since. I have not noticed anymore people in the San Domingo area, that is one of the closer placer areas to Phoenix, so you would think there would be cars & trucks parked all over...Nope ! Hasn`t changed a bit. All the usual areas seem to be occupied , with people standing around their drywashers talking about drywashing, sitting in thier cars, or just staring off into space, but not doing anything....Thats the kind of prospector I like....

A newbie with a detector is hardly "competition" either, as much as he will be a statistic. After a few trips collecting nothing but bottle caps and beer cans , they will give up on gold , and the five thousand dollar detector they bought will spend the rest of its days collecting dust in a closet.

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Hey Stan,

I saw the same news commercial, they also showed some pretty large nuggets that people found, I love how the news portraits it like there is tons of gold out there just waiting for anyone with a metal detector or drywasher to come get it. They do not show all the man hours it takes to find that 1 gram of gold. Sales for prospecting equipment is booming. Kind of like how the 49rs paid $10 for a shovel back in the 1800's in California.


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Adam...I totally agree with 99% of what you said, I like the thousand yard stare analogy....I think the peaceful serenity of the desert kinda does that to you....I've been there too, It's usually followed by...."uh oh...I gotta take a dump". But the detector will only spend a short period in someones closet collecting dust, when you get into items costing that much they will be put back up for sale and someone will get a hell of a deal on that guys poor rush to judgement. Now had he bought a 169.00 bounty hunter then yes....closet time!!

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