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My Flintlock Pistol Story..

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I have been getting in a couple of hours of detecting between 630am-830am, at local sports fields on Monday mornings. I haven’t really been having much success, other than some silver (ring, earrings, crucifix, and coins) here and there.

This morning I was in Valhalla, NY, in a very old part of Westchester County. These sports fields were farm fields during the Revolutionary War, near a road that led to upper Massachusetts. It was wet, muddy, and a little chilly this morning. I had been at it for about 45-minutes with some canslaw, a poptop or two, a dime, and some corroded “Zincolns” in my pouch, when I get a big tone that sounded ironish.

I wasn't hopeful, but I popped the plug, brushed some dirt out of the hole and saw the hammer of a flint lock pistol! shocked.gif I got a huge adrenalin rush, and went down on both knees, gently using the Lesche to move some more dirt out… awww crud mad.gif (I didn't actually say "CRUD" but there may be moderators about)!!! Well, after the disappointment passed, at least I laughed at myself! lol.gif

I ended up with an elevated heart rate, and a 1941 Wheatie. It’s all good!






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Rusty plastic?

Oh no Steve, the metal is very real, just modern like the plastic handles! I got to tell you though, when I saw that hammer sticking out of the dirt, it was just like that feeling you get when a two-ounce nugget is winking at you from the caliche you've been pickin' at for the last five minutes! Then I heard Jim McKay saying.. "The thrill of victory, and the agony of defeat!" :aw-shucks: :lol:

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