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New DryWasher Problem


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I just purchased a drywasher, but the outlet on the blower is about 3” and the hose is about 2” wide. Same goes for the hole on the bottom of the drywasher unit, and it is about 3” wide. What can I buy or use to get a snug fit? I think what I essentially need is something which reduces from 3” to 2” but is not threaded.

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I was thinking about that, but the outlet hole on my vac bucket is 2". I suppose I could carry two hoses, but I try to minimize equipment. Why is it important for the blower unit to be so far away?

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Also the noise, that high pitched whine of a 2 stroke motor gets annoying.

I use an 2 bucket system for the vacuum with a long hose running from the motor bucket to a collection bucket. That way I can move the collection bucket around and the motor can be farther away in a stable position out of the hole. How many of you have tipped you motor over by a slight tug on the hose. Also the collection bucket both hoses enter through the lid so you can fill them up and just add another bucket. Less time messing with the vacuum = more time digging and makin cons :)

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Gents, I searched all over for a 3" hose yesterday and could not find one. What I finally bought were the pliable rubber 3" to 2" reducers, and found some quick release clamps instead of the type that must be secured with a screwdriver. I also found an 8' foot hose instead of the small 5' vac hose I was using.

I will try to be mindful of the dust getting into the suction end of my blower unit. Thanks for the tips and advice. I also have some simple drywall dust masks, not respirators. Hope they will be ok.

I am looking forward to not needing to lug water around the desert for my recirculating sluice. Additionally, I should be able to process a lot more material with the drywasher.

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