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Stoopid cold

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OUCH !! Sorry to hear that Bill.

I have found a pretty good treatment for this malady.

A tub full of very hot water (no bubbles), a good book about gold, and a bottle of some very fine "sippin' whiskey".....

I'm not sure if it cures me, or I just don't give a darn?


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Being down with a cold sucks. The bad news is that it interferes with metal detecting. The good news is it's just for a short period of time. Be grateful it's just a cold my friend!


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Patrick! Don't bring up fine sipping whisky; he'll throw the cap. then we'll have to hear about plugged up plumbing and having to spend a weekend fixing it!

Disregard above; I'm the one that throws the cap.

Billy, hope you get better sooner!


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get better fast, seems these new colds can get a hold on your respitory system. nurse told me yesterday stay warm no cold sweets, know when to back off on the chores and sitting on the couch aint the same as bedrest.

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JayRay is sicker than a dog too! After reading all this, I got my flu shot today. Being sick is a "b". It's double when the weather is so nice as it is now.


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