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Wow!! :yikes:

That's one heck of way to have to make a living, it's not that bad in the USA YET, but it could happen!!

Here's another link that has the same story, but if you click on the photo at the top of the page there will be 18 more photos of this "mine" and the "miners".



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I read about a guy in the USA who works in the jewelry district of New York city and goes around sweeping the gutters,sidewalks,etc for gold filings,links and other small pieces as well as gemstones. He actually does this for a living and does quite well according to the article. But that is nothing compared to what is going on in Guatemala.


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The missing fact about the NYC miner is that he is in his 30's and still lives with his parents.

He was one of the stories on Penn and Teller Tell A Lie recently. He states he can make up to $300 a day, though, so it's not too shabby

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I remember when gold dredgers worked the river in Reno just for wedding rings and as recentlty as 2008 I saw dredgers in the LA river under the freeway sucking out cracks in the concrete.

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Geez ... What a way to make a living! I think I will stick to nugget hunting with my detectors and maybe a little drywashing ... relying on the stock market for my income! Come to think of it the income from the stock market lately isn't too far from the guy finding gold in the gutters or the guys at the "mine"! ... some days are better than others! I guess I'm not as far removed from that as I thought! :)

Mike F

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