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Managed to get out for a few days over the halloween weekend for some beepin & drywashing :head: . I get to my spot only to find someone hunting in the gully.. . :grr01: Pfftttt.. what the heck!


Turns out the dude is pretty cool , likes a few cold ones, murders innocent campers, and loves to hunt gold..Cant be all that bad...


The only time I got creeped out , was when he was explaining how much he enjoyed using the hermit pick :tisk-tisk:


Over the course of the weekend I got some drywashing done ( not without some serious setbacks) Found a gaping rip on the fan housing for my vacuum :hmmmmm: Maybe I should be a little more careful vacuuming up rocks :D

Largest nug was a 4.3 grammer, and several pickers with the Gold Bug II ... :brows: :ph34r2:


All said and done , I wound up with just over 7 grams of goodies... :head: Not sure how the stranger did, as I stayed clear of him for the remainder of the weekend :hide::inocent:


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Hey Adam:

Good job on getting the gold out!

Thats some really nice coarse stuff.

Reallly nice big nugget there. Looks like it was in with some

iron oxide or something. Hope it didnt hurt your eardrums when you

hit on it :)

Keep at it!

Tom H.

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