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A Pre-Snow Wheatie!

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I was supposed to go upstate to Kingston, NY, tomorrow morning for a Farm Field hunt with my buddy and his son – Oh Well! So instead, this morning I shot over to a new tot lot I found on Google Earth, to see if I could get in an hour or so before the snow started.

Looks like I found a virgin playground, where some very considerate and tidy people take their kids! In less than 45-minutes (wind started driving little snowflakes and sleet), My Lobo Super TRAQ bagged almost $5.00 in clad and a 1946 Wheatie! More impressive, I did not find one bottle cap or pop top – not one! Glad I got out, because there is already an inch on the ground!




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Terry, you gotta freekin be kidding me!! Its snowing up there? I got nothing here but sunshine!! sshhh :shhhhh: they might want to start taxing sunshine. Nice finds with the Lobo nonetheless :wubu:

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Great thinking on your part Mr. T....you took a chance and it paid off...great coin hunting....

Is there any way you could get pics of that area in the 20's or 30's?

That white crap is the main reason I'm 7,000 miles South of there!!!!

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Great job, Terry. I guess it's all perspective with the snow storm. Where I'm at it's lucky to rain twice a year, and clear skies do get monotonous. For me anyway. The last time I was in the U.S. I drove from San Diego to Carson City, Nevada and it rained until I got where I was going, and then changed to snow. I loved every moment of it.

But it was nice to get back into the warm again too!


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Thanks everyone! Gar, I have aerial photos from the 40’s that I’m overlaying - Really interesting! It is beautiful here today, and I am heading to Long Island for low tide at 5pm! Here is another shot from last night..


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