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Kaput-not working and I miss the lil'expressive new fellas the most--HELP!!! The text size changed too as weak and tiny also???thanx as always for all you do keeping this site working-nuttn' but respect-John

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They all seem to be where they're supposed to be, click on the smiley face up beside the text size and they should appear below the reply window and can be expanded in their own window from there by clicking on the text "Show All" below them, but don't tell anyone else we're trying to save them for only the best members!!! :shhhhh:

The text size seem to be working fine as well.

If they still aren't working for you try logging off and back on the forum to see if that will fix the problem.


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John, :hmmmmm:

If you're using IE8, check your "Compatibility Mode", you can change the settings by clicking on "tools" and then clicking on "Compatibility View", you don't want to use this forum with the Compatibility View enabled using IE8, when the Compatibility View is turn off/disabled you should have beside the text "Compatibility View" what looks like a broken/torn sheet of paper.



I just logged in with IE8 and turn on the "Compatibility View" and I didn't have the emoticons, so I'm sure turning off the "Compatibility View" will solve your issues!!! :brows:

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