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Another park hunt...

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Howdy Gang,

Well this weekend is full of baseball, and honey-do's, so I decided to do a little night time park hunting. The first park was bleak, and a security guard showed up, so without any finds I quietly moved on. The next park was darker, with only a few people around it, so I went to work. Spent about two hours there, while my daughter was at a football game. Here are my finds for the night:

2 quarters

5 dimes

2 pennies

And a Nato Military switch blade knife that was buried just under the surface, and a piece of aluminum. Not too bad for a little park. The weather was just right, cool with a light breeze, and not too many people...Just how I like it. Until next time....Keep looking down, Jason. :)


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Those are great finds for just killin' time Jason! Here on the East Coast, you never know when you are going to pop old silver, or a ring. The more hours on your headphones, the park treasures you'll accumulate! Thanks for sharing!

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Aloha Jason,

That "piece of aluminum" sure looks like a pill carrier for nitroclycerin tablets. But then again who knows! Nice finds. May end up taking some evening walks with my detector myself to get the old ankles in shape for later. Nice finds.

Aloha and stay safe.

Stan aka Kaimi

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Terry, I sure wish I would have had this hobby as a kid, growing up in PA sure would have a fun hunting all the old homesteads and vast country side. Out here you never know what your going to come across...

Stan, it's a sure way to get some time on the ankle and get some strength in it. Plus, it's easy walking fir sure. I love the comments people give too. A guy last night said, "Are you keeping the mines cleared for us?" At least he was in the right hobby genre... As for the aluminum piece, it is also threaded on the bottom, so it might be from an RC piece or even a bike.

Jason :)

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Hi Jason,

Great finds. Parks are even like the deserts, you never know what to expect. Good finds.


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