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Aloha guys,

I just wonder how many Monster drinks he had before he jumped in the drivers seat. :hmmmmm:

Awesome drivng skills.

Aloha and stay out of this guys way.

Stan aka Kaimi

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.....Aloha and stay out of this guys way.

Stan aka Kaimi

I don't think you have to worry about getting in his way, he'll just drive circles around you for fun, that guy on the Segway had a lot of trust!!! :brows: :brows:

I definitely enjoyed watching that, and I would love trying not to wreck that car!!!! :ROFL: :ROFL:


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Kenny's a great guy as well. It's going to suck not being at the Hammers this Feb for KOH '12, especially since we raced in to a spot with our KOH '11 finish. No qualifiers needed this time around!

Many of The Hammer trails were opened by vehicles like you guys' toyotas back in the day. It takes careful driving and common sense and you can make it through many of the trails out there.

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