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I have been working a spot where I am finding some very pure flakes and pickers, but am also finding some larger pieces of what appears to be gold ore. I.e. Gold mixed with some other type of rock, which is usually whitish in color. I also have one, which is silver metallic and gold mixed. All sound positive as gold on the Falcon MD20. Should I crush it and melt it down?


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Wouldn't whitish in color likely be a quartz or other felsic rock? But I'm not even close to being a geologist.

Post up a shot of the potential ore so we can see it alone. Unless you want to sell the gold, is there any reason to crush it?

Thanks for sharing. Gets one raring to get out and get some of that yella metal!

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Gents, I usually get 80% of spot for small stuff, but am not sure how this ore would be priced, seeing as it is very impure. I will try to get some close up pics of the ore pieces. Maybe I will put them in a separate vial. The white stuff almost reminds me of a hard chalk, and it seems softer and than quartz.

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