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He's still alive


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I had to get a Smartphone for work, we won’t go into that! In learning it, noticed some of my contacts aren’t with us anymore, and those like, listed as ‘Mike’ and I knew who it was back then, but now??? Call and leave a message, if they return the call, add a better description, if not delete.

Next name-Everett? I tried a couple of years ago and no answer. Called the number again and left a message. Surprise! Got a return call from him.

He hasn’t been on the forums for quite a few years. Met him up at Rye Patch, back in 02?, quite a character to say the least! Burley Scotsman, liked the pursuit of the gold and abit of beer and gab.

Anyway, he’s alive and doing well, staying closer to home in Colorado, but still prospecting. Drywashing and doing well.

To those who know him, but haven’t heard from him in a while, he’s doing well and okay!


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Hi Shep,

I'm not sure I have met "Mike" yet, but dang, good to hear Everett is still kicking!

I met Bill Southern and Everett up at Rye Patch a few years back. Later Everett posted some pretty incredible photos of high places he had driven to in Northern Nevada, that would make your pucker string pucker tighter, if you were leary of heights...

I too wondered about Everett, as he hasn't posted for a long time in any forum. And Bill, well he posts better now than he has in a long time.

Sometimes a guy gets real busy, I know how that goes, for sure...

Thanks for the update, Shep! I hope you are doing all right as well!


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Could be, Herb. Never heard back and deleted number.

By the way Herb, after you came out w/ the carbon fiber upper shafts, everyone and his mother did also, as you know. BUT! I don't know if any of the others offer the longer one, like I special ordered. I love mine, gets way out there! Swing too slow to get any whip. Are you still making them?


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Maybe you should! As we all should. He said he's tried to post on a couple of forums, but been's so long forgot passwords. It's good to talk to ol' friends, let's them know they left a good memory in someone elses past. It was good to hear his voice and no lack of something to say. Good people!

Wish I could make your upcoming doings, but can't. There's still gold there and hope you all find a bunch and get it home ;-)


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