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Melancholy rememberance

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It seems that fall and winter are often times of loss...Jim Smaller and Dean are two fine meteorite hunters that left us just a year or so ago...I miss Jim's always educational posts. He was a very fine man!

I miss Dean's exploits with his grandson, Zman...I hope Zman's memories have carried him through the loss...

there are others but my eyes are getting watery...

only the living suffer


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Fred , you don't how much I miss Jim, he taught me a lot and I wished I would have paid more attention to some of the eplorations of his that he told of in his campfire stories.

I have not been back to Franconia since his departure.

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Aloha everyone,

Yep i miss Jim also BUT for whatever reason it seems tht whenever I went to franconia I felt his presence once I hit the north side and started to make my way to the desolate spots away from the railroad tracks.

Aloha and stay safe out there.

Stan aka Kaimi

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I never met Richard but am sure I missed a truely fine gentleman.

Bob helped me an awful lot early in my prospecting and became a close friend of mine who still lives on in spirit and memory.

God bless all those who made a difference to so many of us.


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When I first started hunting, Jim always gave me some good advice, and was such a good person. I never got to know Dean personally, but read his posts about him and his grandson, and really enjoyed his exploits.

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