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Stan Happy Birthday.... hope you are doing well, we need you back in the field. Frank is taking all your gold and Meteorites ,, :brows::D


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Aloha everyone,

A BIG Mahalo to you all for the Birthday wishes. I have only one more session left with my Doctor working on my ankle joint and so far it looks fairly good. I just need to get the swelling down a little more and then "Watch out meteorites" cause here I come. In the meantime I have been doing a LOT of research online on various spots I intend to hunt during the cool months.

Gold Basin is on the top of my list as it has proven the hardest for me. Of course with Frank finding all the specimens it will only get tougher BUT I kind of like it like that. After all, the best finds are the hardest earned ones for me!

I also intend to really go after that elusive third piece of my two piece Franconia specimen that keeps on staring at me everyday. If I cant find it in the next couple of months I will just have to come to the understanding that someone out there has it in their collection and doesnt know it.

A couple more dry lakes are also in my future hunting plans.

Once again here is wishing everyoneon this forum a great upcoming holiday season and as usual please stay safe out there.

Mahalo and Aloha,

Stan aka Ka'imi :olddude:

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