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Big chunk found...

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Thats a good one for sure.... If you ever visit Russia check out the diamond collection at the Kremlin. They have nuggets there that are 8 times bigger than that but they dont allow pictures so i couldn`t take any :tisk-tisk:

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I got the same no pix line at the Museau De Oro in San Jose Costa Rica BUT after further questioning I got to take as many pics as I wanted by shutting off the flash on my cameras. Seems most museums use infrared protection and the flash sets off the alarm,and as the guard said--then your dead :WOW: So next time or call to see if thats the deal as I do luv a pic of them twinklers too,not just gold rocks my boat. Sorry must resize my pics as 2.75mb and over size allocation to show it's a can do--John

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