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A New "First" for Me!

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Thought I would kill an hour this morning detecting the hill behind my better half's doctor's office, while she had her yearly physical. This is a very historical part of 'Battle Hill,' where the Contenintal Army (under Gen. Washington), kept the British Army - commanded by Gen. Howe, from finishing them off during their long retreat from Long Island. I have found musket balls at this location in the past, and now that the cool weather has knocked down some of the vegitation, I thought I would give it a shot. Found a lot of old iron, a nice old GEM razor, and my first pistol! Talked to my buddy, who is also a police detective here in town, and I will be showing him the weapon and where I found it tomorrow. I'm not sure there is any real investigatory value in it, but it was a weird find!


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Looks like an old .380---bet it made that Lobo scream.

Sounds like you friends enough with the detective that things will be handle allright---I say that having experienced doing the right thing going very wrong quickly. Now when I make a find of any sort I say nothing.

Is that a coin in the middle there or a slug?

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Thanks Rock! Mac, I think it is a .22, and the magazine was not with it. Probably had wooden grips. I think it has been there for at least 20-years or so, as it was about 8" down under some tenacious roots. That is a coin! My one cent find O' the day! A 1999 "Zincoln."

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Mornin Mr T....how big was that rock pile close to where you found the gun? Sometimes people buried a gun

with or close to a money stash...hint...hint.. :shhhhh::miner:

That is the base of a 18th-century, handstacked stone wall. I swung the face, on top and the other side as well. As Yukon Cornelius would say, "Nothin'!" Hey Gar, I got a great 1700s stone wall story for ya, but that is another thread - when I hear back from ASU... :brows:

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