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Detecting Finds: Summer 2011

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Aloha Terry,

Nice haul! People will lose stuff all the time and I guess it is up to some of us to find it and keep the beaches clean of trash, both good and bad.

Aloha and stay sae.

Stan aka Kaimi

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Great video T.!!!! :ya:

I wonder why your "treasures" are so much cleaner than mine ever where....

Your finds covered about a century from the looks of it...I love history...when I found pieces like some of

your stuff I always wondered what the person looked like that lost it and what they were doing at the time...

I didn't recognize the music...was that one of Willey's new releases? :gig:

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Steve! Those freakin' bobbypins are like bullets - they're everywhere! I made a commitment to "dig it all" this summer with the new PI, and brother, I Did! Gar, when I dig up an old musket ball on Battle Hill, or an old button in a farm field, I am just like you - wondering what they would say if they could speak to me. This area is so rich in American history - even beforethere was an America! You don't l;isten to 'Creed,' Gar? Color me surprised! Just about time to head to Arizona - and I am biting at the bit! - T

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I know what you mean about the bobbypins, they are down here in South Carolina as well, maybe a New York tourist brought them down with them on vacation :idunno: , I was going crazy digging up bobby pins when tried to find a wedding ring lost by a north Carolina couple on the beach down here and unfortunately couldn't find it, I think it was picked up by someone soon after it was lost, but I did find about 20 bobbypins and about 27 cents in the 4 hours of searching a 150' X 50' area of the beach where they lost the ring, I was hitting those bobbypins at depths of 15" with my MXT which really surprised me at how deep I was getting a signal on some of them, I'm glad that I couldn't hit any deeper or I would have to open a hair salon!!! :lol: :lol:


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